Agreement between Silcmar and Khrone

Agreement between SILECMARKROHNE,  to provide the naval sector with more robust and precise instrumentation in the best conditions. The world leader in industrial process instrumentation solutions: flow meters, level meters, temperatures, pressures …, Khrone signs an agreement with SILECMAR.

SILECMAR ® FCM systems use KROHNE instrumentation in the automation and digitization of on-board processes. Control of fuel loads, engine consumptions, tank levels, transfer control, fluid quality (diesel, oil, water), pressures, temperatures, for example .. Juntas, Silecmar and Khrone, will achieve with the use of their products improve the efficiency of the naval sector.

About the agreement between Silecmar and Khrone

The agreement between Silecmar and Khrone is the utmost importance to the naval sector. Silecmar develops Naval Automation systems. Therefore, it assumes the commitment of an exclusive and permanent service to its clients. Always at your service and available to assist you remotely or in person anywhere in the world. Silecmar has a team of qualified technicians who are experts in installations, commissioning and maintenance of automation systems in the marine field. Knowledgeable about the environment, they offer a permanent assistance service at an international level.

Its services are intended to:


SILECMAR is a project that was born in 2006 with the aim of researching and developing Automation and Control systems for the naval sector. Information and process control for their improvement, resource optimisation and management efficiency. Innovation and accessible technology that can be applied directly to ships and shipbuilding companies. Being an expert in the marine environment, the company seeks its distinction for service excellence. Availability, customer service and technical support, together with the robustness and reliability of the systems developed. As Engineering, SILECMAR has highly qualified technical personnel in the branches of Automation, Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology. All these engineering areas are applied directly to the naval sector so, in addition to technical training, our staff is specialised in the marine environment with numerous shipments. Finally, professionalism, experience and a vocation for service are the qualities of the human team that make up SILECMAR.