On board efficiency: the aim of Grupo Arbulu companies

The maritime sector encompasses all types of vessels, each with a different aim and way of operating. However, whether they are fishing vessels, shipping vessels or super yachts, there is a common need: to improve efficiency  in order to make life on board easier. And that is what the companies of Grupo Arbulu are fully committed to, some offering an expert and high -quality on board service, others developing solutions that improve vessel operations through highly innovative technologies, others providing advice and supplying the most efficient solutions, and others guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity to facilitate life on board. Regardless of the speciality or niche market of each of the Grupo Arbulu companies, their final aim remains the same: to improve their clients efficiency in all operations.

In  regards to efficiency applied to service onboard shipping vessels, without a doubt AAGE HEMPEL GROUP has an extensive worldwide service network and a highly qualified and specialised team, available on any commercial route to offer 24/7 service. The experience and technical capabilities of this group of companies with offices in 10 countries is a guarantee of quality. An specialised and qualified service helps clients save time and resources. In the shipping sector, NAVTEAM and SMD also stand out, both companies very focused on offering the supply and efficient installation of the best marine electronics solutions on the market for shipping vessels, although we cannot rule out the service they offer to other types of vessels. Navteam, with headoffice in one of the most important ports in the world, and SMD with extensive experience and a wide network of services on the African coast, are positioned as reference companies specialised in their niche market.

In the fishing industry, NAUTICAL undoubtedly stands out, which, with its 50 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the industry, provides the best advice and supply of the most innovative solutions. Its closeness to the industry stakeholders and its ability to identify the current and future needs of its customers means that in this case, efficiency is focused on improving its clients operations by searching for the most innovative products that best suit the needs of its activity. The advice and the consequent implementation of these new highly efficient products will pave the way towards the digitisation of the fishing industry and will help fisheries sustainability, one of the main concerns of the industry nowadays.

The maritime sector of the African coast relies on RADIO ELECTRONIC and its extensive network of specialised technicians to guarantee the efficiency of the service provided on board all types of vessels, especially fishing vessels. The importance of having technicians specialised in the main marine electronics brands in the area where the vessel operates,  guarantees operational efficiency by minimising downtime. It is in operational efficiency where MARINE INSTRUMENTS stands out for its ability to develop highly innovative solutions that improve the efficiency of the fishing activity. With its big  R&D team, which currently constitutes more than 40% of its workforce, it manages to develop solutions that improve its clients operations and results thanks to the inclusion of the highest technology in its products. We are talking, for example, about its most recent innovation, the first satellite buoy with artificial intelligence on the market. This buoy, FAD tuna fishing, allows the skipper to identify fish with commercial value and speeds up decision making. Therefore, it improves not only operational efficiency but also energy efficiency through fuel savings since the skipper will save fuel by planning his fishing decisions in advance. In addition, thanks to its accuracy in detecting commercial fish and identifying the best fishing areas, it allows for a much more sustainable fishing. The operational efficiency of the fishing sector is also one of the main objectives of SILECMAR, which with its automation systems improves not only the efficiency of fishing vessels, but also their sustainability, thanks to fuel savings and energy management. Its systems allow the monitoring and control of fishing maneuvers, managing all the vessel’s activity in a much more automated way. Another Grupo Arbulu company focused on innovation to improve operational efficiency is undoubtedly THALOS. THALOS focuses on offering the best connectivity and innovative solutions.  From its R&D department, they develop connectivity solutions that allow not only the proper functioning of all the vessel’s marine electronics, but also improve and facilitate communication flows for all crew members, avoiding connection failures and therefore, improving life on board.

In the super yacht sector, e3 SYSTEMS stands out by focusing on guaranteeing efficiency in connectivity on board. Communications are increasingly essential, not only for the proper functioning of much of the marine electronics and technologies, but also for the communication and entertainment of the crew. The constant need to stay connected, such a common need  in our lives today, is also transferred to the super yachts crew, who need uninterrupted and reliable connectivity, regardless of where they are. The multiple solutions offered by e3 systems allow the client  to choose different types of connectivity depending on the needs of the crew and the area where they sail. 

Grupo Arbulu companies will continue to work in 2022 in line with this objective: the improvement of efficiency on board, both operational and service driven. This improvement in efficiency will go hand in hand with innovation and sustainability. The efficiency of the shipping, fishing and super yacht industries will be obtained thanks to the implementation of the highest technology, significantly improving sustainability and the ocean carbon footprint and guaranteeing the conservation of marine resources.