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Aage Hempel is a group of companies specialised in the supply and installation of navigation communication and security equipment, as well as a provider of onboard satellite communication solutions. Aage Hempel represents a wide range of globally renowned manufacturers and is continuously focused on the development of marine electronics technology solutions. It offers integrated solutions to its customers through a team of highly qualified technicians that carry out maintenance and repair services on board.

The Aage Hempel Group is a sought-after, global provider of navigation, satellite communication and maritime security equipment, primarily for the deepsea merchant shipping market. It offers the highest level of service through a specialised team of installers, and represents a wide range of internationally renowned marine electronics manufacturers, The Aage Hempel Group serves as a benchmark in the marine electronics sector with the capacity and experience to meet all customer needs. Its team offers a careful selection of technology solutions and manufacturers that best meet the needs of each vessel. Aage Hempel has more than 80 years of experience in supplying navigation, security, and satellite communications equipment on board. Thanks to its extensive experience in the supply and installation of integrated systems, Aage Hempel selects products capable of withstanding all types of vessel activities and which cater to the specific requirements of shipowners.
Adhering to the most stringent standards, Aage Hempel provides a wide range of leading brands in marine electronics and collaborates with prominent satellite communications providers. In addition, it offers integrated solutions that include maintenance and installation practically anywhere in the world thanks to its extensive network of qualified technicians and installers.


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