Spanish company that develops automation and control solutions for the naval industry

  • Automation systems

  • Consumption managament

  • Tailor-made solutions

SILECMAR is a project that arises in 2006 with the aim to research and develop automation and control systems for the naval industry.

Information and control of the processes for their improvement, resource optimization and management efficiency. Innovation and accessible technology that can be applied directly to ships and shipbuilding companies. Being an expert in the marine environment, the company seeks to distinction for excellence in service. It offers automatic systems for fishing maneuvers, monitoring and controlling any winch and automatically and efficiently control trawl and seine gear. It develops systems for ship’s energy management, from basic consumption systems to advanced PMS systems, SCADAs, alarm management, and manages and integrates all kinds of processes, always working towards their optimization. Availability, customer service and technical support, together with the robustness and reliability of the systems developed.


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