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grupoarbulu comprises a group of companies specialized in a field of marine electronics and satellite communications.
grupoarbulu goal is to be an independent top player supplier in the global marine market becoming a true life cycle management partner to all our customers focus on exceeding their expectations and dedicated to create smart solutions at an unrivaled competitive of ownership.


Working closely together, mutual trust, clarity, open minds, honesty and long term aims are the core values which underpin our commitment both to our clients and to the other members of the grupoarbulu team.



All companies are experts in their fields of marine electronics and satellite communications.


Specialists in deep-sea fishing vessels: trawlers & tuna clippers

  • Sales of electronics equipment
  • Technical service for installation and maintenance
  • Satellite communications service provider
  • Total Turnover 2019: 44,4M€
  • Staff: 56
  • 5 offices in Spain and subsidiaries in Ivory Coast, Seychelles, Ecuador and Panama

Aage Hempel

Specialists in merchant ships, distribution and 24/7 technical support

  • aage hempel crame Largest marine electronics service company for commercial vessels & Dealer Network in Spain
  • Market leader in provision of quality, accredited and certified technical service both on-board and ashore
  • Total Turnover 2019: 13,8M €
  • Staff: 94
  • Service Centres: 14 of their own Service Centres, as well as service subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Morocco and Panama


Specialists en SatCom R&D, design, installation and service

  • Monitoring and decision-making solutions for the maritime industry.
  • International service network onboard vessels and in port.
  • Main office in France, with subsidiaries in Taiwan and Mauritius.
  • Total Turnover 2019: 8,7M €
  • Staff: 42


Specialists in R&D of automation and control systems for the maritime market

  • International Technical Support Service.
  • Main office in Santander (Spain).
  • Total Turnover 2019: 0,6M €
  • Staff: 6


Specialists in commercial vessels and work boats. NavCom equipment supply, service and consulting. Ready to respond 24/7/365

  • Market leader in North- and East Europe with the highest quality of service.
  • New buildings, retrofit Installation, service contracts and Airtime.
  • Knowledge center and system integrator.
  • Total Turnover 2019: 10,7M Euro
  • Staff: 28
  • Service offices in Denmark and Malaysia.
  • Service agent network in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine.


Specialists in merchant ships and 24/7 technical support in South Africa, Namibia and throughout Africa

  • Market leader with the highest quality of service both on board and ashore
  • Compliant with Classification Societies and Regulatory Bodies
  • Total Turnover 2019: 5,0 M€
  • Staff: 55
  • Offices in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Richards Bay (South Africa), Walvis Bay (Namibia), Port Louis (Mauritius) and Mombasa (Kenya)


Specialists in Superyacht communications including satellite, GSM/3G/4G, terrestrial broadband and IT integration

  • Installation, maintenance and technical support
  • Integrated and hybrid communications, IT and TV solutions
  • Total Turnover 2019: 11,2M €
  • Staff: 34
  • Offices and subsidiaries in Spain, France, Italy, Malta and USA

Marine Instruments

Specialists in the design, development and manufacture of electronic equipment for geo-positioning, and management software for marine, fisheries, oceanographic and environmental applications.

  • Solutions tailored to customer needs
  • Fleet Tracking Systems and fishing
  • Total Turnover 2019: 39,6M €
  • Staff: 142


Throughout our group of companies, we are committed to offering our clients the best solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Electronic Eye Plus

Remote Electronic Monitoring System with automatic image capture for bycatch control on board of fishing vessels. This version is indicated for big vessels, such as purse seiners, and can connect up to 7 cameras to the central unit.
For this REM, Marine Instruments has developed Beluga software, a program for the analysis and visualization of the images obtained by the observer. The program allows a quick visualization of long hours of fishing and the reviewing of the number of fishing operations, if they were with FAD or free school and the amount of catch and bycatch.

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The recent years of frequent hi-jackings of vessels and crews has increased the attention on crew safety and created a need for anti-piracy solutions. When sailing on the west coast of Africa, the Horn of Africa, South-east Asia or other vulnerable seas, it can be vital always to be able to get in contact with the coast guard, and this is exactly where the citadel package is extremely important.
NAVTEAM offers customized CITADEL solutions, both Iridium and Inmarsat, with handheld telephones and VHF, all pre-programmed and easy for the crew to install in vessel safe room. The connecting antennas above deck are all disguised or concealed, depending on customer vessel.
NAVTEAM offers the complete package of equipment, hardware and airtime – and installation if so desired.
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Full maintenance

Full Maintenance Agreements (FMA) – Aage Hempel group provides comprehensive, flexible and tailor made maintenance to complex fleets. It adapts to the specific requirements of each fleet in order to improve efficiency and control operative costs. Its “multi-brand service”, certified quality service and extensive service network of more than 22 offices spread over 3 continents are essential components in ensuring successful delivery of a complete marine electronics maintenance service.

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Adapted tracking system

This is a global coverage, real time satellite tracking system using electronic charts, which provides encrypted messages in different formats. There are two versions, one is a civil version aimed at shipping companies and offers an optional integrated anti-piracy alarm. The second version is aimed at the defence and security sectors and includes a high standard encrypted tracking system to track hostile vessels, land vehicles and key personnel. It is totally compatible with other database systems and terrestrial and marine charts platforms.

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satcom flat pannel antena

This is an innovative metamaterials-based flat-panel antenna for satellite communications which has successfully demonstrated bi-directional high-speed Internet connectivity with a Ka broadband satellite. This is the first time a metamaterials-based antenna has established an internet connection over a satellite link and confirms that Kymeta is ready to move into commercial product development and production.

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One of gruboarbulu’s key goals is to continue growing organically and, at the same time, to support the growth of market leader companies who wish to join the group and adhere to our principles.

grupoarbulu companies maintain their own culture, organizational structure, autonomy, strategies and management team.

grupoarbulu offers long term commitment to supporting the growth strategy of the individual companies within the group based on each company’s capability, experience and client base.

Latest news

Aage Hempel Group, one of the largest marine electronic group in Europe, and member of grupoarbulu, has entered into an agreement to acquire 70% of the Greek company Marvel, a well-established company in the Greek market for technical solutions and support within the Maritime sector. It is foreseen that the closing of the transaction will…

In this interview for Navalia, our CEO shares his reflections on the experience that COVID-19 has meant for the companies of grupoarbulu.

grupoarbulu, the largest marine electronic group in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, has joined the well-known Namibian company RADIO ELECTRONIC, one of the market leaders in marine electronics, IT solutions, connectivity, radio & satcom solutions, and high standard services for the fishing fleet and land applications in Namibia, with premises in Walvis…


In view of the current situation of the epidemiological emergency caused by the global expansion of COVID-19, grupoarbulu informs that, in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the guidelines issued by the national and local authorities, the Group and all the companies that comprise it are adopting the necessary measures to…

Aage Hempel Group, one of the largest marine electronic groups in Europe, and member of grupoarbulu, has acquired 100% of the UK Charity & Taylor, a well-established company in UK market, and one of the leaders in technical solutions and support for the Maritime sector in the UK. Nigel Darling, former CEO & owner of…


grupoarbulu, a European leader of marine tech solutions, is pleased to announce that it has acquired a 70% stake in SILECMAR, a company founded in 2.006 in Santander (Spain), specialized in research and development of automation and control systems for the maritime market. grupoarbulu and SILECMAR are excited about this great news which will contribute…

grupoarbulu, the largest marine electronic group in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, has acquired 73.5% of the French group HOLSAT, one of the market leaders in technical solutions and connectivity for the Maritime sector in France and across Europe, with subsidiaries in Taiwan and Mauritius and active on a worldwide scale. Today…


Francisco Pino, R&D Director of Marine Instruments, e Iñaki Arbulu, CEO of grupoarbulu, have won the Innovation Award at the national final of the XXIII Spanish edition of EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. EY grants these prestigious awards to the entrepreneurs that have shown their excellence and drive in the areas of innovation, financial…


Our president, Mr. Luis Arbulu, has been honoured at the FINE Awards, which have been given during the World Maritime Week, held in Bilbao from 12-14 February. At a ceremony which coincides with the 50th anniversary of our company NAUTICAL, Mr. Luis Arbulu, president and founder of grupoarbulu has received an honorary award in recognition…


We are delighted to announce the appointment of Carmelo Zabala as Managing Director of NAUTICAL, with immediate effect as of today. Carmelo Zabala graduated in Nautical and Maritime Transport from the University of La Coruña (Spain); Where after navigating the principal routes and ports worldwide during a period of 14 years in tankers (VLCC, LPG,…

We are pleased to announce the incorporation of Steve Reeve to the team of grupoarbulu as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at their offices in Madrid, while maintaining his actual position as Financial Manager of Aage Hempel Group. His principal function will be the management of grupoarbulu in financial, strategic and organisational matters. He will work…

  Francisco Pino, R & D Director of Marine Instruments, and Iñaki Arbulu, CEO of grupoarbulu will compete on behalf of Marine Instruments representing Galicia in the national final of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, to be held at the end of February in Madrid. There it will compete with the finalists of…

Last April 17, our dear friend and colleague Carlos Suárez del Villar passed away. Carlos joined NAUTICAL in 1989 and since then, throughout his career, has demonstrated his great capacity for work, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm, contributing decisively to the development and growth of various areas of the company and in the sector, playing in…

Our company Marine Instruments has been named as one of the finalists, and Ruban d’Honneur recipients, in the 2016/17 European Business Awards sponsored by RSM. The company has been selected as one of the ten European finalists within the “Growth Strategy of the Year” category and will now compete in the third and final round,…

In this year’s edition of the Spanish Maritime Cluster prizes, grupoarbulu has been awarded the Prize to the International Projection. In the awards ceremony, the wide international reach of the Group was particularly emphasised. The award was presented by Alfonso de Senilllosa, deputy director of the Cabinet of the President of the Government, and Javier…

“Connecting the unconnected in Brazil” is the motto of Ubicon. This grupoarbulu startup is born with the mission of improving the productivity and well being of those working far from home, whether at sea, on road or rail or in remote locations, using the latest communications, tracking and digital media technology. Ubicon offers a range…

Global partnership: grupoarbulu & SCAN Antenna A/S! It is with great pleasure that grupoarbulu & SCAN Antenna A/S! today can announce the sealing of a global agreement regarding maritime antennas. “In grupoarbulu we are known for our excellent service and top quality product. By using SCAN Antenna products we know we can continue to promise…

Jotron signs frame agreement with grupoarbulu Jotron AS, a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety, has signed a sales frame agreement with Spanish group grupoarbulu grupoarbulu is comprised of specialists within the fields of marine electronics, satellite communication and IT on board. Being one of the largest marine electronic…

Strategy and Synergies Meeting of grupoarbulu a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z … and per se and ……  The past days 4th, 5th and 6th November 2014 all grupoarbulu companies met in Madrid to define…

New appointments in grupoarbulu company Luis Arbulu,President,grupoarbulu Arend de Boer,Director, SMD Brian Chambers,Managing Director, SMD Andile Dhlomo,General Manager, SMD Iñaki Arbulu,CEO, grupoarbulu We are pleased to announce that during last Board Meeting on 26th Feb 2014 has been appointed Brian Chambers as Managing Director de SMD and Andile Dhlomo has been promoted to General Manager…


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