Strategy and Synergies Meeting of grupoarbulu

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The past days 4th, 5th and 6th November 2014 all grupoarbulu companies met in Madrid to define a global strategy and face the challenge of Marine Electronics and SatCom markets and to attend our clients with the highest quality of service. Additionally, we defined the potential synergies between the companies of the group in order to offer the best value to our clients.

We got it!! Global and local, specialist and experts, close to the clients and with a strong commitment.


Luis Arbulu, President, grupoarbulu; Iñaki Arbulu, CEO, grupoarbulu;Vicky Hilara, Financial Manager, grupoarbulu;Marcos Montes de Oca, Information System Manager, grupoarbulu; Angel García-Paz, Commercial Manager, NAUTICAL; Carmelo Zabala, Commercial Manager, NAUTICAL; Jorge Rozados, Tech Manager NAUTICAL & Project Manager ADNOC AH; Eric Friedrich, SatCom Manager, NAUTICAL & Aage Hempel Group; Gabriel Gómez Celaya, General Manager, Marine Instruments; Francois Pino, R&D and partner, Marine Instruments; Greg Hammann, Strategic Business Development D., Marine Instruments ; Luis Ayala, General Manager, Aage Hempel Group; Alberto Olmos, General Sales Manager, Aage Hempel Group; Erik van Boom, GM Aage Hempel The Netherlands; Jens Byrdal, Managing Director, NAVTEAM; Johannes Christensen, Sales Manager, NAVTEAM; Brian Chambers, Managing Director & partner, SMD; Arend de Boer, Director & former partner, SMD; Andile Dhlomo, General Manager, SMD ; Roger Horner, Managing Director & partner, e3s; Erik Nieuwmeijer, Sales Director, e3s; Tony Holland, SatCom Manager e3s.

A group of independent companies bound together to offer the highest value to our clients, making the best knot, our symbol as a group: the ampersand.

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