In view of the current situation of the epidemiological emergency caused by the global expansion of COVID-19, grupoarbulu informs that, in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the guidelines issued by the national and local authorities, the Group and all the companies that comprise it are adopting the necessary measures to preserve the health of their employees, customers and suppliers, and help reduce the spread of the pandemic. Such measures include:

  • Communication to our employees of prevention regulations, to protect themselves and their environment.
  • The promotion of teleworking where it is recommended and the characteristics of the job allow it, also facilitating family reconciliation in the event of closure of educational centers.
  • The reduction of trips and face-to-face visits to those strictly necessary and that cannot be done electronically.

Each group company, following the recommendations of the authorities, will specify the particular measures, depending on their activity and their specific areas of operations, their business area and the characteristics of their organization and its clients.

grupoarbulu assumes the difficult scenario in which the pandemic places us all. In order to guarantee the continuity of our operations, we are committed to developing and adopting all new ways of working that allow us to maintain the activity of our Companies, in order to continue providing a service of the highest quality, and continue to generate value for our clients and partners, and to the entire international maritime community. We are prepared to confront it, and also confident that we will overcome this crisis together, from which we will learn and emerge stronger. We remain at your disposal!