grupoarbulu, the largest marine electronic group in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, has joined the well-known Namibian company RADIO ELECTRONIC, one of the market leaders in marine electronics, IT solutions, connectivity, radio & satcom solutions, and high standard services for the fishing fleet and land applications in Namibia, with premises in Walvis Bay and Windhoek.

Today it is with great pride and joy that grupoarbulu and RADIO ELECTRONIC announce this excellent news for the market.

Iñaki Arbulu, CEO of grupoarbulu, says:
“As part of our future growth plans worldwide and specifically in Africa, we are delighted to bring grupoarbulu together with a leading player such as RADIO ELECTRONIC. RADIO ELECTRONIC is comprised of an excellent team of highly qualified professionals which specializes in high tech solutions for the maritime market, mainly fishing fleet, including satcom and radio connectivity, and service on board in Walvis Bay and all Namibian harbors. We have no doubt that this partnership will be mutually beneficial.” Iñaki adds that “in line with grupoarbulu‘s principles, RADIO ELECTRONIC will be completely independently managed and remain very focused on specialized solutions for its clients, fishing fleet and land connectivity, enhancing the strong existing relationships with key suppliers and delivering high quality services to the fishing fleet.”

Management team & shareholders of RADIO ELECTRONIC says:
“The determined and ongoing efforts of our entire team has made RADIO ELECTRONIC a spearhead, leading company in the marine electronic, radio, and satcom sectors in Namibia. We have a superb, highly qualified team with a great capacity towards customer support, delivering high standard solutions, and commercialization. Being a member of grupoarbulu strengthens our group with powerful long-term support to continue the growth and development of RADIO ELECTRONIC, and maintain relationships with our key suppliers, partners and clients worldwide.
It is added:
“This is a great opportunity for our employees and customers alike, to join an ambitious group that relies on our teams, experience, skills, and technologies,” Our complementary culture and knowledge of the maritime fishing industry are very important factors that will benefit everyone. RADIO ELECTRONIC will continue to operate as an independent company within the group and become a truly global company.”

About grupoarbulu and RADIO ELECTRONIC:

grupoarbulu is comprised of a group of companies that each specialize in their respective fields of marine electronics, satellite communications and IT solutions onboard vessels. Their common goals of innovation and quality are achieved by pooling resources and expertise.
grupoarbulu consists of: NAUTICAL (, Aage Hempel Group ( with Charity & Taylor Ltd (, Marine Instruments (, e3s (, SMD (, NAVTEAM (,  HOLSAT Group ( and SILECMAR ( All of these companies are marine electronics leaders in each segment of the market and are now joined by RADIO ELECTRONIC (

RADIO ELECTRONIC, based in Walvis Bay (Namibia) and Windhoek (Namibia) performs marine electronics, radio communications, satcom, internet connectivity, power electronics and consumer electronics for the maritime industry (fishing, commercial, offshore support, platform, recreation) and broadband connection for remote areas. RADIO ELECTRONIC service engineers work domestically in Namibia and internationally onboard vessels and in port.