The shipowning company Pesquera Ugavi S.A. it is headquartered in Manta (Ecuador). It has 5 freezer tuna vessels in its fleet: Jane IV, Jocay, Sisargas, Ugavi and Ugavi Dos.


There are currently new software and data applications (oceanographic information, remote access, control of on-board machines, email, etc.) in the fishing market that allow the shipowner company and the vessel to be equipped with tools for a more efficient and sustainable management of the ship’s daily operations.

The growing demand for on-board data consumption led the shipowner to look for alternatives in satellite communication systems that would allow them to have the on-board data access they needed. The communication systems that they had previously installed did not allow to have either the connection speed or the cost associated with the appropriate data connections according to the new needs.


Once the needs of each vessel had been analyzed, NAUTICAL supplied and installed on board the 5 vessels of the fleet a VSAT communications system in Ka Inmarsat Fleet Xpress band that offers global coverage and unlimited access to on-board data with a connection speed that allows the use of all the applications that the shipowner needs with a fixed monthly fee.

The use on board of these Inmarsat Fleet Xpress systems has also allowed the shipowner to offer an improvement in the conditions of the crew of its fleet. Through the installation and configuration of different WiFi access devices, the crew can use their personal, mobile and tablet devices and be connected with their family and friends.

The shipowner manages the use of the bandwidth on board, separating the one dedicated to official connections and those of the crew. The installation of this VSAT system has undoubtedly meant a significant leap in the vessel’s competitiveness.

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