Driving digital transformation in fisheries

The fisheries digital transformation is driven by two companies of Grupo Arbulu, Nautical and Marine Instruments. Both companies join forces in their commitment to the digitization of the fishing sector by providing technology adapted to the needs of the sector. To present their latest innovations and their applications on board, they have started a tour of different fishing associations and organisations in different regions of Spain that will end in November.

Fisheries digital transformation: Marineview and MarineObserve

In this tour, they have mainly presented two products designed and developed by Marine Instruments and marketed by Nautical, MarineView and MarineObserve. Both products help fisheries sustainability. They improve fishing efficiency by the use of the highest technology such as Big Data or artificial intelligence. Marine Instruments and Nautical are working on the development of connected solutions.. This solutions, allow the fishing sector to be increasingly digitised and help make its activities and processes much more efficient.

Marineview is an integrated solution that combines oceanographic information and the data of Marine Instruments buoys, such as M3iM3i+,  to analyse oceanographic conditions and identify the best areas for fishing. Moreover, they include recommendations by AZTI.

Thanks to its totally innovative, intuitive and dynamic design, you can save time and resources. In addition, you can also save fuel by visualising the future drift of the FADs and estimating the best area to deploy them in advance.

MarineObserve is an electronic monitoring system that allows you to record all fishing operations safely and efficiently. The system is based on the recommendations of the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA). It has been developed jointly with Archipelago, a leading company in global monitoring programs.

The system stores high definition images and video with all the information collected during the fishing trip such as location, speed or sensor status.