Grupo Arbulu at the Annual CIRM Conference

Grupo Arbulu attended the CIRM Annual Conference this week. CIRM is a non-profit international maritime trade association created to promote safety at sea. Iñaki Arbulu and Jorge Rozados from Grupo Arbulu and Andile Dhlomo from SMD, attended the conference.  In addition, Andile participated in the conference with a talk on the situation of the maritime industry in Africa, a sector in which she has been working for 17 years. Andile is the CEO of SMD, a Grupo Arbulu company with extensive experience in the maritime sector and with offices in South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Mauritius and Kenya.

During the conference, the following topics were addressed:

  • Shipping industry perspectives
  • Next generation navigation data & systems
  • Maritime Connectivity Platform – the future of maritime data exchange
  • Developments in space-based technology and applications
  • Improving ship safety through proactive use of data
  • Cyber security requirements & initiatives

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