Marine Intruments recieves the National Innovation Award from their majesties the King and Queen of Spain

Their Majesties the King and Queen of  Spain, accompanied by the Minister of Science and Innovation, presided over the ceremony for the National Innovation and Design Awards, the most important recognition in Spain in this category. The Grupo Arbulu company, Marine Instruments, was awarded the Innovation prize  in the ‘Small and Medium Business’ category. The Minister for Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, highlighted this Monday the talent of the people and entities awarded with the 2022 National Innovation and Design Awards for creating solutions that improve people’s lives and advance society. For his part, the king has indicated that the daily effort of the winners materializes in projects that imply progress and evolution for the benefit of people. He has also affirmed that the winners are the most visible expression of a society with a growing commitment to a future that necessarily has to be based on knowledge, environmental sustainability, social inclusion and equality between men and women.

Marine Instruments

Marine Instruments is a company with a strong growth and diversification strategy always focused on innovation. Its commitment to new technologies such as artificial intelligence or Big Data in the development of its products is aimed at improving the efficiency and sustainability of its clients’ operations. The company invests 2.5 million euros annually in R&D and more than 40% of its workforce is made up of engineers who work in the R&D department. The company currently develops innovative solutions for the fishing sector as well as the aquaculture and Security and Defense sectors.

Undisputed leader in the commercialization of buoys for tuna fishing, Marine Instruments exports its products, designed, developed and manufactured in Spain, to more than 30 countries, thanks to the competitive advantage consolidated by its permanent commitment to investment in R&D since its origins in 2003 and the systematization of knowledge generation and innovation management processes.