We are one of the biggest groups specialized in marine electronics and satellite communications in the world.

We are a group of independent companies, each of them leader in marine electronics and satellite communications equipment in its niche market. We sell in 56 markets through our different companies and we have offices in more than 20 countries. The group is made up of nine companies: Nautical, Marine Instruments, Aage Hempel, Thalos, Navteam, Silecmar, SMD, e3Systems and Radioelectronic.

With these nine companies, we are able to cover all the needs in the field of marine electronics and satellite communications on board in all types of vessels worldwide: shipping, fishing, military ships, tuna vessels, trawlers, longliners, superyachts…




Our companies supply the best brands in the market for navigation and communication equipment, fishing equipment, marine rescue equipment, integrated bridge systems, satellite communications equipment, etc. If you are looking for integrated solutions in marine technology and satellite connectivity solutions for fishing vessels,  shipping vessels or superyachts, at Grupo Arbulu we are the world’s leading experts in marine electronics and satellite communications. In addition, our companies have installation and maintenance services on board thanks to their extensive network of specialized technicians, being able to provide service practically anywhere in the world.

In addition, some Grupo Arbulu  companies develop and manufacture its own technology, allowing it to fully adapt to their clients and industry needs.

We have come a long way since 1969, when our founder, Luis Arbulu, began his business career with the creation of Nautical, a company specialized in marine electronics for fishing and shipping vessels and satellite communications solutions founded in Puerto de la Luz (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). Since then, we have gotten bigger, but one idea remains unchanged: our clients are always at the center of everything we do. This allows us to maintain a leading position in the market and offer you the best technology solutions for marine electronics and satellite communication fully adapted to your needs.

The success of our first company, Nautical, allowed us to incorporate other companies to the group, both national and international. From there we continued to grow, acquiring different leading companies with the same business model and vision.

Today our goal as a group is to help digitize the different sectors through the implementation of innovative technology solutions in both marine electronics and SATcom, offering the best technology on the market and the best service on board. We want to become the preferred technology partner for our clients.

All companies that make up Grupo Arbulu are experts in marine electronics and satellite communication solutions, and we bring together the highest technology and the best service, to guarantee the competitiveness of our clients and meet the demands of the marine electronics and satellite communications global market.


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Grupo Arbulu Worldwide

Our history

Grupo Arbulu has experienced an important growth over the years with the incorporation of different companies leaders in marine electronics and satellite communications from different parts of the world.

Group companies

Each of the companies that make up Grupo Arbulu has a unique personality and its own management team. All of them have independence to develop their business model focused on their own strategy based on the needs of their clients. All the companies that make up Grupo Arbulu are specialists in marine electronics and satellite communications leaders in their niche market and offer technology solutions that include installation and maintenance on board. Find the Grupo Arbulu company that best suits your fishing, shipping or superyacht needs.

Company information

This Non-Financial Information Report provides data on society, social, labour, environmental and humman rights issues, as well as anti-corruption and anti-bribery information, and any other relevant information for the company and the development of its business activities.

Code of conduct, Criminal Compliance and Information Security Policies

The goal of this Code consists of exacting an ethical and responsible professional conduct from Grupo Arbulu and its entire workforce in the conduct of their business anywhere in the world, as a gist of its corporate culture upon which the training and the personal and professional career of its employees is based.

The Criminal Compliance Policy is communicated to disseminate its unequivocal message of opposition to the commission of any criminal offence within the Company, as well as its commitment to promote and maintain an appropriate culture of respect for the Law aligned with the ethical principles established in the Code of Conduct of Grupo Arbulu and the remaining internal compliance rules that develop it.

Information security is a cornerstone in the development of the activities of Grupo Arbulu, and it is directly related with the proper operation of all our systems and services. Therefore, we consider it essential to comply with legal and contractual requirements and to adopt international standards of best practice related with information security.

Business volume by markets

Grupo Arbulu aims to continue growing, organically, and helping to grow those leading companies in marine electronics and satellite communication that wish to join this group and its philosophy, adding value and generating profits.

The Grupo Arbulu participation in each of its companies and its business volume in the fishing, the shipping and superyachts markets are detailed below.