World Maritime week Bilbao

Grupo Arbulu will attend the World Maritime Week in Bilbao Exhibition Centre this week to support the three companies of the group that will have a presence there: Nautical, Marine Instruments and Silecmar. Finally, we will be able to see clients in person, listen to the needs and learn about the latest trends in the industry. At booth # A08, Nautical and Marine Instruments will showcase their latest innovations for the fisheries sector that include, for instance:

  • MarineView:

    Marineview is an integrated solution that combines oceanographic information and the data of Marine Instruments buoys, such as M3iM3i+,  to analyze oceanographic conditions and identify the best areas for fishing, including recommendations by AZTI.

    Thanks to its totally innovative, intuitive and dynamic design, you can save time and resources. In addition, you can also save fuel by visualizing the future drift of the FADs and estimating the best area to deploy them in advance.

  • Echo-sounder Satellite buoys:

    Satellite buoys to locate and track fish aggregating devices (FADs) used in tuna fishing. Currently, there are two models:

    M3i and M3i+

    The MSR-2 and the MSB+ software developed by Marine Instruments are an effective solution for receiving and analyzing the data from these buoys. For greater precision in the analysis of fishing data, we have a new integrated solution called MarineView, which includes oceanographic data and AZTI fishing recommendations, as well as FADs drift predictions  to prevent them from ending up stranded on shore.

  • Remote Electronic Monitoring System:

    MarineObserve is an electronic monitoring system that allows you to record all fishing operations safely and efficiently. The system is based on the recommendations of the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA). It has been developed jointly with Archipelago, a leading company in global monitoring programs.

    The system stores high definition images and video with all the information collected during the fishing trip such as location, speed or sensor status.